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The last word in off road vehicles...

Excellent off-road ability
Low operating costs, little maintenance
Fully amphibious, Minimal ground pressure, even with full load

LJackson and co ltd are the largest distributor in the world

We stock and supply Used / Refurbished Hagglund Bv 206 to customers all over the world from tropical climates to the icy tundra of the polar regions.

More 150 BV206 in stock for sale

Personnel Carriers - Cargo Carriers - Soft Tops - Specialist Build Vehicles, Shoot and Camping vehicles, Fire Appliances, Ambulance, Drill Rigs etc. etc.

Hagglunds BV206 Special Builds

We can bespoke build your unit to suit your particular needs...

Hagglunds BV206 Special Builds

What ever the colour, whatever the modification, hard top or soft top...

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Specialists in Used / Refurbished Hagglunds BV206 Overlander vehicles

L.Jackson and Co. Ltd. was founded in 1950 by Mr. Luther Jackson and has grown into one of the largest stockists and suppliers of ex-military vehicles, plant and equipment released from the U.K. Ministry of Defense (MoD) as well as other EU/NATO military forces.

We always have MORE 150 Used / Refurbished Hagglunds BV206 ATV's available.
Hagglunds BV206's
We have produced lots of these amazing vehicles based on the military Hagglunds BV206 These are the ultimate overlander vehicle being able to travel across terrain where wheeled vehicles cannot, they are even amphibious in some forms

Choice of Hagglunds BV206 Amphibious Models:

Shoot and Camping BV206 vehicles
Emergency Services Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Mountain Rescue Services
Disaster Aid and Support i.e. Earth Quakes, Flooding
Public Service Companies for works undertaken where access is restrictive
Oil and Gas Exploration and Development
Forest Management, Anti-poaching Operations, Fish Farming
Polar Exploration and Arctic Expeditions
Overseas Civil Defense Forces
Price from 24,000 GBP


Hagglunds BV-206 vehicles find use in various industries for a broad range of applications. The unique benefit offered by them is the ability to accommodate practically any type equipment at the rear platform.
Of special interest is the BV-206 All-Terrain vehicles for angling and hunting fanciers.


The Hagglunds vehicles capabilities are virtually as good as unlimited, since it is set to move where other vehicles fail and to perform functions of specialized facilities, such as pipelayer or crane.

The main areas of the All-Terrain Vehicles application include geological exploration works, forest management, transmission lines laying, pipelines construction and maintenance, cargoes delivery, construction, wildfire suppression, rescue works and many others.
It can carry up to 17 people.


The Hagglunds BV206 vehicle builds on a very beneficial engineering solution on a hinged joint basis.
BV-206 is an articulated vehicle mounted on two track rollers.

The structure has been in use for more than 20 years and has demonstrated the undoubted advantages of the facilities made on its basis. This is the key feature making BV-206 Elk capable of moving over any landscape type and snow cover and easily crossing river lines.

CONTACT UK today to discuss your needs. Our experience will give you quicker solutions and significant costs savings toward your challenges.

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